How Does Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Work in Air Purification Systems?

How Does Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Work in Air Purification Systems?

How Does Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Work in Air Purification Systems?

Dry hydrogen peroxide is a compound made up of hydrogen and oxygen. It is in two different states – solid and liquid. The most common form of dry hydrogen peroxide is the stable form, often used in air purification systems. This blog post will discuss does dry hydrogen peroxide work and how it works in air purification systems. We will also discuss the pros and cons of using a dry hydrogen peroxide purification system and how AirROS air & surface purifiers are more effective than other brands.

Benefits of Dry Hydrogen peroxide – gas phased

Dry hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidizing agent. It can break down organic compounds, such as bacteria and viruses. When dry hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with these contaminants, it breaks them down into water and oxygen. The water vapor then evaporates, leaving behind pure oxygen.

One of the main benefits of dry hydrogen peroxide systems is they can be safe to use while people are present and plants. Other air purification systems, like ozone generators, have high levels of ozone which is not safe for people or plants. Fogging systems can utilize dangerous chemicals that are not safe in occupied rooms. Dry hydrogen peroxide systems do not create any harmful chemicals. This makes them a much safer option for people with respiratory problems, such as asthma or allergies.

Another benefit of using dry hydrogen peroxide is that it effectively removes contaminants on surfaces. However, because most common dry hydrogen peroxide systems produce at such deficient levels, they can only treat surfaces nearby the device. As a result, a single dry hydrogen peroxide purifier can not treat all surfaces. The key to finding the best air purification is to make sure it can purify the air, treat all surfaces near the device, and do a long-distance surface treatment with a single purification system.

Sanitizing Surfaces Solutions

When providing long-distance surface treatment (treatment far away from the purifier), the AirROS air & surface purifier uses ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) technology to destroy and prevent contaminants on all surfaces organically. The AirROS system is a 3-in-1 system. These systems can purify the air, sanitize long-distance surfaces, and simultaneously provide odor control 24/7 while people are in the room. AirROS can remove more than 90% of all bacteria and viruses (including coronavirus), in real-world results, making it one of the most effective air purifiers. In addition, these systems can kill COVID-19 on the air and surfaces within 45 minutes or less in the real world (not just in a lab) – that is a complete kill!

How Do AirROS Commercial Air Purification Work?

AirROS purifiers utilize and create ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). First, it kills pathogens and odor as it passes through the air purifier. In addition, it sanitizes the air that comes out of the purifier, enters the environment, and continues to sanitize all surfaces it contacts. Here are the 2 stage process:

Phase 1- Primary Air Cleaning

Placed within your room’s airflow, air from the environment containing microorganisms enters the purifier’s internal chamber. The reaction chamber creates non-thermal plasma and generates ROS. ROS is comprised of 5 short-lived, highly Reactive Oxygen Species:

  • Atomic oxygen O(3P)
  • Singlet oxygen 1O2
  • Hydroxyl radical .OH
  • Superoxide O2-
  • Peroxynitrite ONOO-

These break down carbon-to-carbon bonds that sanitize the air and destroy all bacteria, molds, viruses, and other pathogens as they pass through the reaction chamber.

Phase 2- Secondary Surface & Air Cleaning

Provides Surface sanitation and continued Air sanitation. The purified air now diffused into the environment contains longer lived Reactive Oxygen Species:

These combine and create Hydrogen Trioxide (H2O3) an Active Antimicrobial formed through the peroxone process. This H2O3 is very effective at sanitizing the surfaces and air 24/7.

So again, in addition to treating the ambient air as it passes through the reaction chamber, using the H2O2 and O3 diffused into the environment, creating H2O3, an active antimicrobial, our units will further sanitize all Surfaces and control Odor, resulting in cleaner air and environment 24/7.

If you are looking for a purifier that uses dry hydrogen peroxide, AirROS is the best option on the market. Our purifiers are more effective than dry hydrogen peroxide alone, and AirROS uses Trioxidane created from dry hydrogen peroxide and safe, low ozone levels. Contact us today to learn more about AirROS and how we can help you improve your indoor air quality.