Best Commercial Air Purifiers

Best Commercial Air Purifiers

Maintaining a healthy environment for your customers and employees is essential for any business. That is why it is crucial to choose the best commercial air purifiers technology for your specific space. Each type of technology has its benefits and drawbacks, so it is essential to understand how it works before deciding. In this blog…
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Industrial Air Purification vs industrial air filtration

Industrial Air Filtration vs. Industrial Air Purification

  Which one is more effective when it comes to industrial air and surface sanitation? industrial air filtration or industrial air purification? Many people believe that industrial air filtration is the best way to clean the air in an industrial setting, but this is not always the case. Industrial air purification systems are often more…
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AirROS commercial air purifiers for hospitals

AirROS Commercial Air Purifiers For Hospitals

Surgery is a delicate process that needs healthy, clean air to be successful. AirROS commercial air purifiers for hospitals, medical labs, and surgery centers throughout America can provide clean air they need to ensure patient safety. Our hospital-grade commercial air purifiers can remove contaminants from surfaces and air, including bacteria, viruses, and chemical vapors.  …
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Dry Hydrogen peroxide purifier

Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Purifiers vs AirROS

  There is much misinformation about Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Purifiers out there. For example, some people say they are the best purifier for surface treatment, but this is not true. AirROS commercial air and surface purifiers are more effective and provide many benefits that Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Purifiers cannot offer. Here we will discuss the…
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prevent coronavirus in your gym

Prevent Coronavirus in Your Gyms

Fitness centers and gyms are at a higher risk of coronavirus than most commercial spaces, with the coronavirus now in the news and new strains coming up like delta and Omicron. Therefore, it is essential to consider how to prevent coronavirus in your gym and fitness centers. The best way to prevent and reduce cross-contamination…
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how to keep your gym locker room from smelling

How to Keep Your Gym Locker Rooms From Smelling

The locker room is where people come together to shower, change into their workout clothes, and store their belongings. Unfortunately, it is also the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses–especially if you are not cleaning it regularly! So if your gym locker room smells, here are some quick tricks on how to keep your…
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commercial air purifier for fitness center

Commercial Air Purifiers For Fitness Centers

Keeping a fitness center clean is one of the most important things to do to maintain a healthy environment. Clean air and surfaces are necessary for people with allergies or asthma, but they also help keep bacteria levels low. This blog post will discuss why it is vital to have clean air and surfaces for…
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air purifiers for schools and classrooms

Best Commercial Air Purifiers For Schools and Classrooms

Air quality in schools is a significant concern. Studies have shown that students are exposed to viruses, bacteria, germs, and cross-contamination daily. This leads to health problems or environmental sensitivities. In addition, the air inside of classrooms also contains mold spores and dust mites, which are all allergens that can cause an allergic reaction for…
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Dental office air purifier

Dental Office Air Purifiers: What Are The Benefits

The article will discuss the benefits of using an air purifier for dental offices. You may think that the only benefit is to keep your patients from getting sick, but there are other reasons as well. We’ll explore them all and help you decide which type of air purifier is right for your practice.  Many…
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eliminate bad odor in gyms

How to eliminate bad odor in Gyms

How to eliminate bad odor in Gyms? Many gyms have open showers and saunas. How do you prevent the bad smell from those areas? What about the odors from the locker room area? I am sure all of us hate the “gym smell.” Bad gym smells can be discouraging for people to go and work…
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