B-K Lighting Uses AirROS by SAGE Industrial Air & Surface Purifiers
To Sanitize Their Offices & Protect Their Employees.
(Case Study)

B-K Lighting has been proudly providing high-quality lighting since 1984. Quality, performance, and creativity are the reasons why our fixtures were trusted for world-famous applications, such as the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Museum of Modern Art in New York, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, and the Royal Mirage Palace Resort in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. When high quality and performance are essential, residential and architectural installations demand B-K Lighting. 

Like all businesses, when COVID hit, they were faced with the challenge of how to continue to manufacture lighting fixtures in a safe environment.

The Problem

During COVID, being a business based in California was not an easy task. 

B-K wanted to find a solution that would sanitize the air and surfaces without using harmful chemicals that could cause further issues down the road. Aside from COVID concerns, B-K also wanted to lower the risk of the common colds and flu that tend to go through offices each year.

B-K also had to temporarily stop their highly-acclaimed BKU (B-K University) where lighting designers and people in the industry come for a 2 day event.

B-K sought the help of SAGE Industrial to provide a safe and clean environment in their offices, breakroom and assembly rooms. 

The Solution

SAGE Industrial developed a plan based on the square footage that needed to be protected. SAGE Industrial manufactures AirROS Purifiers which create and utilize ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) which organically (without using consumable chemicals whatsoever…100% ORGANIC) will destroy, purify & defend against bacteria, molds (Botrytis, Salmonella, E.Coli, Listeria), viruses (mRSA, H1N1, Coronavirus, Influenza) and other pathogens, reduce Cross-Contamination and Eliminate/Neutralize odor.

SAGE determined that B-K would need 9 units for their office Headquarters. 

SAGE Industrial’s team installed these purifiers above the drop-ceiling attached to the existing duct system. The only part of the systems that are visible are the controller with integrated sensor.

The Result

Air Sampling was performed before installation of the AirROS systems and showed an indoor average of 758cfu/m3 in 12 sampled locations. Meanwhile outside air was tested at 2,967cfu/m3. 

Air Sampling was performed again a month later and the indoor average dropped 87.2% to 97cfu/m3. The outside air actually increased 3.3% to 3,067cfu/m3. This means a significant amount of the bioburden is coming from the outside air.


Target Air Quality

Air quality scale for workplaces, public buildings, schools, and homes are as follows:

  • < 100 cfu/m3 is considered clean and acceptable.
  • 100 to 300 cfu/m3 is marginal.
  • > 300 cfu/m3 is not acceptable and needs corrective action.

In most cases, air quality < 100 cfu/m3 has shown a decrease in the overall bioburden and odors.

The Conclusion

The B-K Lighting team rests-assured they are safe in their sanitized environment knowing that the air quality is monitored and confirmed to be at an all time best.

B-K was able to reinstate BKU this year with CDC guidelines and AirROS protecting the event.

The company’s staff feels relieved with these significant results, which were achieved by implementing the SAGE Industrial’s AirROS Air & Surfaces purification systems for protecting employee well-being during work hours as well holding their BKU events, knowing with full confidence that they and their visitors are safe in this sanitized environment.

What BK-Lighting Has To Say About AirROS

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to install an air filtration system that would provide our employees with a safer office environment that offers some protection against airborne pathogens. After much research, we selected SAGE Industrial’s purifier system. 

“From beginning to end, the installation process went smoothly,” said B-K’s Director of Lighting Justin Perez, who ran point on the install.  “Brian and the team are responsive and knowledgeable about the system. There were a couple of location changes for the controllers, and they moved them upon request. I was pleased with the customer experience provided by Brian and his team,” Perez continued.

The front office experienced no noticeable change when the air system started running. Our front office employees were pleased that they were unable to notice any strong changes in odor, which made the transition much more seamless. 

Our manufacturing area required some calibration due to the different chemicals and sprays used by B-K workers during the manufacturing process. SAGE worked with us and adjusted the system to be at a level more compatible with that specific area.

Our Event Coordinator Alexis Orozco agrees that having a system like this in place puts him more at ease. “I feel like I’m breathing fresh air every time I sit at my desk; it feels good knowing there’s some real science behind it.”

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