Air Purification In The Classroom

Benefits Of Air Purification In The Classroom

With the current situation of the pandemic, schools are re-opening with caution, and one way to ensure the safety of students and staff is by providing that the air quality in classrooms is up to standard. Air purification in the classroom can be a valuable tool for improving indoor air quality, but many teachers may not understand why it’s necessary or how to go about it. So let’s look at the benefits of air purification in the classroom and how you can safely set it up.

Benefits Of Air Purification

The primary benefit of air purification is improved air quality. By using an air purifier, you can reduce airborne particles such as dust, pollen, smoke, and other pathogens that are present in your classroom. This means fewer allergies and illnesses for both students and faculty members alike. Additionally, research has shown that good indoor air quality can improve overall student performance and well-being.

Another significant benefit of air purification is reduced odors from cleaning chemicals, paint fumes, and food smells from lunchrooms. If these odors linger in your classroom for too long, they may cause headaches or nausea among students or staff members who are sensitive to them. An air purifier will help to filter out these odors so that everyone can enjoy a pleasant learning environment without any unpleasant distractions.

Best Air Purification For Classrooms

AirROS is a revolutionary air and surface purifying system ideal for classrooms. Its state-of-the-art technology and wide range of advanced features can help create a healthier indoor environment in any classroom. Not only does it remove 90% of airborne viruses and 90% of surface contaminants in real-world time, but AirROS also eliminates unpleasant odors thanks to its advanced built-in odor control system. Beyond that, the device is designed for maximum efficiency with minimal energy consumption, using the classroom’s optimal airflow and temperature regulation for every learning space. Simply put, AirROS is the best air purifier for classrooms available on the market today.

How Does AirROS Purification work?

AirROS is an industrial air and surface purification system that can prevent pathogens, mold, viruses, yeast, and bacteria, reduce cross-contamination, and eliminate odor. AirROS purifiers utilize and create ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). First, it kills pathogens and odor as it passes through the air purifier. In addition, it sanitizes the air that comes out of the cleaner, enters the environment, and continues to sanitize all surfaces it contacts. Here is the two-stage process:

Phase 1- Primary Air Cleaning

Placed within your room’s airflow, air from the environment containing microorganisms enters the purifier’s internal chamber. The reaction chamber creates non-thermal plasma and generates ROSROS are comprised of 5 short-lived, highly Reactive Oxygen Species:

  • Atomic oxygen O(3P)
  • Singlet oxygen 1O2
  • Hydroxyl radical .OH
  • Superoxide O2-
  • Peroxynitrite ONOO-

These break down carbon-to-carbon bonds that sanitize the air and destroy all bacteria, molds, viruses, and other pathogens as they pass through the reaction chamber.

Phase 2- Secondary Surface & Air Cleaning

Provides Surface sanitation and continued Air sanitation. The purified air now diffused into the environment contains longer-lived Reactive Oxygen Species:

  • Gas-phased H2O(GpHP) or dry hydrogen peroxide
  • Low concentration levels of O3 ozone

These combine and create Hydrogen Trioxide (H2O3) an Active Antimicrobial formed through the peroxone process. This H2O3 is very effective at sanitizing the surfaces and air 24/7.

Having clean indoor air quality is essential for any school setting because it ensures health and safety for both students and faculty members alike. Air purifiers provide a simple solution for improving indoor air quality by removing allergens such as viruses or pathogens and odors from things like cleaning products, or food smells from lunchrooms. When set up correctly with an air purifier that can do surfaces and enough power coverage for your space, an AirROS air purifier can be a valuable asset for any school building looking to improve its indoor environment. In addition, teachers should consider investing in AirROS air purifiers if they want their classrooms to remain safe during this challenging time!