Air Purification For Healthcare Facilities

air purifier for healthcare

Looking for air purification for Healthcare Facilities?

Healthcare facilities are constantly trying to prevent the spread of viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria, and germs, including staphylococci, S. aureus, enterococci, and E. coli but, it’s hard to do that with traditional cleaning methods. Traditional cleaning methods can only do so much. They’re not very effective at preventing the spread of viruses, bacteria, and germs when it comes to surfaces or person to another person. AirROS commercial air purification for healthcare facilities are the perfect solution including hospitals, clinics, and dental offices looking for an easy & fast way to reduce the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria to patients, healthcare providers and medical staff.

Benefits of Clean Air in Healthcare Facilities With AirROS

  • Reduces coronavirus & COVID-19 spread. 
  • Prevent & reduce viruses, germs & bacteria in the hospitals including. medical equipment, tools, floors, door knobs & more.
  • Protecting the health & recovery of vulnerable patients & minimizing the risk of contracting life-threatening viruses.
  • Protecting the health of staff, working in these environments by reducing pathogens.
  • Improve air quality and a clean healthcare environment.
  • Reduce the spread of a virus from patients & medical staff. 
  • Kills coagulase-negative staphylococci, S. aureus, enterococci, and E. coli.

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